How to install nvidia graphics driver on dfly?

Joseph Garcia bsd_usr at
Thu Sep 27 19:11:03 PDT 2007

Petr Janda wrote:
On Thu, 20 Sep 2007 09:49:33 pm Simon 'corecode' Schubert wrote:

daniel olsson wrote:

How to install nvidia graphics driver on dfly?
It doesn't work.  There are no DragonFly binaries from nvidia.

I personally cannot wait for there to be a good open-source driver for AMD 
cards, now that the specs are open, hopefully Xorg will have a 3D driver for 
some of the higher performance models within a year. Then Im buying an AMD 
card, and dumping nvidia. my perfectly good 6600GT has been sitting almost 
unused in my box for the last 2 years since I started using DragonFly, except 
in Windows when I play games. Not that there are many games for *nix but CF 
would be quite nice.

Isn't DragonFlyBSD missing alot of stuff though for 3D? I mean, has the 
drm and agp stuff been updated? I think the last time I tried to get 3D 
working that stuff wasn't available. It's been a year since I tried, so 
maybe that has changed since then.


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