Joerg Sonnenberger joerg at britannica.bec.de
Mon Sep 10 11:06:47 PDT 2007

On Mon, Sep 10, 2007 at 10:52:02AM -0700, Dave Hayes wrote:
> I believe pkgsrc puts rc.d style scripts in /usr/pkg/etc/rc.d. I've also
> put a few in there myself. 

It hasn't done that for ages.

> There's two reasons I personally like this idea, one is to keep the
> startup script with the prefix where it's software installed, and two is
> that I tend to keep as much local software modification out of /etc as
> possible.

Copy / symlink them by hand and use a prefix.

> > By the way, FreeBSD's startup scripts check the rc.d scripts for the a
> > rcorder tag to then use rcorder to order them.
> This sounds like a good thing to bring to DragonFly. :)

No, it is a complete mess. If you really want to keep them separate, use
a second directory like /etc/rc.d.pkg and change /etc/rc to scan that as


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