NFS scalability

Michael Neumann mneumann at
Mon Sep 10 02:01:19 PDT 2007


At Froscon (open source conference), I attended a talk about 
web-clustering. The speaker described a system with a dozen web-servers, 
each of which is connected to a central NAS via NFS to serve files. Of 
course the main task of the web-servers is to serve dynamic files. The 
speaker used NFS because it served his needs and was very easy to setup 
within minutes, unlike GFS.

Just out of interest (without the time/boxes to try it out myself), do 
you guys think this is a "good" solution? I mean, does NFS handle a lot 
concurrent accesses well? I never used NFS...

Hehe, I know, using HAMMERFS would be a terrible good solution ;-)



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