Error message: md: si_iosize_max not set

Vincent vs1 at
Mon Sep 3 18:13:53 PDT 2007


We are getting an error printed may times with each ramdisk access on
a custom ramdisk rootfs we are creating on Dragonfly 1.10.1.  
The error is

    md: si_iosize_max not set!

The ramdisk rootfs gets mounted and we can access it.  I just spits out
lots of these errors we access it.

I think I found the piece of kernel code that prints the error.

    if ((maxiosize = vp->v_rdev->si_iosize_max) == 0) {
        kprintf("%s: si_iosize_max not set!\n", dev_dname(vp->v_rdev));
        maxiosize = MAXPHYS;

But I don't know why si_iosize_max is not getting set properly.

We are using the stock kernel, and loading the rootfs ramdisk image from
loader from a custom ISO image.  Our current ramdisk fs test image is
64MB in size.  This was working fine, without any errors on version 1.8.

Is this a bug, or is there something we are supposed to be doing
different starting with 1.10?


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