Adding ad[4-6]s* to default devices

Chris Turner c.turner at
Mon Oct 29 17:20:13 PDT 2007

Matthew Dillon wrote:
>     We should be creating them through ad7 already.  Check HEAD.  If it isn't
>     doing it properly then we definitely want to adjust it.

Okay - I think I asked my question incorrectly based on the (bad)
assumption that this was being done for the lower numbered 'ad' units..

I meant if we should add partition devices to more slices, e.g:

ad4s0[a-p] is present, s1[a-p] is present, but s2 - s4 only have the
'whole slice' device

current HEAD policy creates "{ad[1-7]s[01][a-p],ad[1-7]s[0-4]}"

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