How to contribute new driver?

Dmitry Komissaroff dxi at
Wed Oct 10 23:04:39 PDT 2007

В письме Wed, 10 Oct 2007 17:50:30 +0300, Hasso Tepper

> Dmitry Komissaroff:
>> I port to DragonFly my driver uticom (
>> from FreeBSD. How to contribute it to project?
> I can take a look and take care of committing if it's OK. I took a very
> brief look and I have already some questions.
> 1) Is firmware necessary? Or is it needed for some features only?
Firmware necessary for work of devices based on 3410 and 5052 chipsets.
If need, I can relicense firmware or give all rights on it to DragonFly

> 2) The driver is for 3410 devices only and not for 5052? As far as I
>    remember, regarding virtual serial port functionality there were only
>    some differences in baud rate calculation and different firmware?
I don't have any 5052 devices, and can't  test it, but I think it may work :)

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