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Dmitri Nikulin dnikulin at
Wed Oct 10 06:29:09 PDT 2007

On 10/7/07, Justin Chan <just.srad at> wrote:
> Hi, i am using dfBSD 1.10.0.
> I have tried to use the usr/pkgsrc/lang/sun-jre15 ,jre14,jdk14,jdk15...all
> couldn't work.
> Will appreciate, if i can be pointed to a previous
> mail ,if existed, which shows the actual steps in
> installing JRE.
> Thanks alot.
> Regards,
> Justin Chan

I think it's about time somebody checked out OpenJDK to port it to
DragonFly. Being GPL, it'd be a(n almost) complete Java solution.

Also, apart from parts of Swing, gcj/gij is very good lately. It's
been hosting Eclipse, Tomcat, etc. for a long time, and may be good
enough for what people want from a JDK and JRE.

Dmitri Nikulin

Centre for Synchrotron Science
Monash University
Victoria 3800, Australia

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