Install JRE

walt wa1ter at
Sun Oct 7 12:34:01 PDT 2007

Justin Chan wrote:
Hi, i am using dfBSD 1.10.0.

I have tried to use the usr/pkgsrc/lang/sun-jre15 ,jre14,jdk14,jdk15...all
couldn't work...
I'm reading Yuri's patches now, but it'll take me a good while to
understand it all.
Meanwhile, you can install sun-jre14 and sun-jdk14 if you make some
modifications.  The problem is that all the sun java binaries after
1.4.2_11 will segfault in DragonFly due to a missing system call in
the linux emulation.
To install the 1.4.2_11 packages is simple when you know how:

Get the binaries here:
Edit the pkgsrc Makefiles to change all references from 1.4.2_14
to 1.4.2_11 and then run 'bmake distinfo' to regenerate the check
sums.  Then do the usual bmake all install clean, which should
run without errors.
Don't forget to mount linprocfs first!

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