weired behavior

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Wed May 30 11:05:27 PDT 2007

:I actually had a similar (or the same) problem from a build that's about a
:month old.  I couldn't solve the problem and have been too busy lately to
:properly figure it out, however, it seems to me that the timing for xorg
:and everything x-related was sped up super fast (eg: even the xfce4
:animation at startup was ludicrously fast).  Keyboard was almost completely
:unusable, but I worked around the problem by adjusting my xinit so that
:the key-repeat delay was many times larger (factor of 10 maybe -- although
:I'm just inventing this number, I can't remember for sure).
:It definitely seemed like some kind of erroneous timing problem.
:Any ideas?

    System timer could have gotten messed up by the video BIOS.
    What timer is your system using?

    sysctl kern.cputimer

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