Sascha Wildner saw at online.de
Sat May 19 18:23:39 PDT 2007

Chris Turner wrote:
Simon corecode Schubert wrote:
However, there won't be any C++ in the list of things to do.  The only thing
which uses C++ in DragonFly is groff, and I would be happier without this.
was just thinking about this issue - any thoughts about:


Seems to be mostly under CDDL[1]_, which might be 'yet another'
license to throw into the mix, but based on a quick scan (IANAL),
doesn't seem much different than the GNU/Groff combination, plus
it's more like 'real' **ix  ..
Probably not anyone's top priority .. and from what I understand
groff is a bit 'smarter' about processing pipelines, so this might break
various pkgsrc items that expect a groff, but in any case, would remove
C++ code from base. Plus there's grap(1)!
- Chris

.. [1] http://www.opensolaris.org/os/licensing/opensolaris_license/
Hmm, looks interesting. I'll play with it...



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