structure has no member named `kp_eproc'

Erik Wikström erik-wikstrom at
Mon May 14 09:12:35 PDT 2007

On 2007-05-14 17:48, Petr Janda wrote:
I'm trying to compile net-snmp from SVN applying the pkgsrc patches and 
I can't seem to figure out why its failing on this error. What's the  
meaning of this error and how to fix it?
You didn't tell us which struct, that should be included in the error 
message, so it's hard to tell. But my guess is that there's some 
structure that contains information about the system (used to pass data 
between the application and the kernel). That structure looks something 
like this:

struct foo {
  int bar;
  int baz;
  char* forbar;
However in some earlier version or on some other system that struct 
looks different (and the application is not aware of this), some thing 
like this:

struct foo {
  int bar;
  int baz;
  int kp_eproc;
  char* foobar;
So when you try to compile the code that assumes that the struct has a 
member kp_eproc but in reality it does not you get that error message.

A question: If you applied patches from pkgsrc does that mean that the 
program is in pkgsrc and in that case, why not use it?

Erik Wikström

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