no gcc 4.1after rebuild

arnuld geek.arnuld at
Sun May 13 08:43:37 PDT 2007

On 5/12/07, Peter Avalos <pavalos at> wrote:

Ok, let's try this...Make /etc/make.conf only have this line in it:


Then rebuild your sources.
YIPPE....YAA..... it works :-)

# setenv CCVER gcc41
# cc --version
gives "gcc 4.1.2" :-)

It's too hard to figure out what is wrong when you aren't saying what's in
make.conf (we know that your copied mk.conf, but we don't know what's in
that either).
problem is solved now  :-)

only one thing is left:  how can i make my shell (tcsh) remember gcc
4.1 for *always*. i do not want to "setenv" at every boot. i have put
"CCVER=gcc41" into both "/etc/mk.conf" and "/etc/make.conf" and
rebooted but it does not help, any ideas ?

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