Dennis Melentyev dennis.melentyev at
Sun May 13 08:33:46 PDT 2007

Just my 2 cents...

While any new commiter is very valuable, I hardly can see any point in
any DFLY-specific C++ libs. Thats more of Linux way - creating
non-portable and OS-centric apps.
Even more, I can hardly remember any of DFLY-specific libraries in our OS.
What am I considering as a good idea: check of STL support in GCC 4x
under DFLY. It might be already Ok, but I'd rather have it verified.
Next one: support of WxWidgets, MySQL++, ACE. May be some other
frequently used libraries.
Good luck!

2007/5/13, flu at <flu at>:
Thanks for the input everyone! Once I decide on what to tackle, I'll
solicit some help / advice from you guys. I think firstly, a C++ wrapper
for any DragonFly specific system libraries or system calls would be a
good thing. This would also facilitate easier contribution by other C++
Happy Mother's Day all!

Ronald E Dahlgren

Dennis Melentyev

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