Simon corecode Schubert corecode at
Sun May 13 02:37:45 PDT 2007

+++ Justin C. Sherrill [12/05/07 22:56 -0400]:
> >     I would very much like to contribute to the DragonflyBSD project in
> > any way possible.
> Getting DRM to work, or figuring out why splash screens don't work are
> possible projects.  There's been a few projects Matt has pointed out as
> good starting points, though I don't have a list of those handy.  Some
> dedicated browsing through the mailing list archives should turn up
> something...

Polishing 1:1 threading support so that we maybe can even ship with
libthread_xu as the default threading system for 2.0.  Shouldn't be too hard.

However, there won't be any C++ in the list of things to do.  The only thing
which uses C++ in DragonFly is groff, and I would be happier without this.

More ideas:  add a reentrant resolver (from free/netbsd?), extend the
kernel/gdb to produce/work with threaded coredumps, implement a
follow-fork-mode for gdb, or maybe even start/finish the amd64 port.

have fun!

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