rebuild DragonFly using gcc 4.1

Simon corecode Schubert corecode at
Thu May 10 14:28:06 PDT 2007

+++ arnuld [10/05/07 17:37 +0000]:
> >It downloads the DragonFly sourcecode to your computer so that you can
> >compile it. If you have a slow connection you might want to download a
> >compressed tarball of the sources instead of using cvsup. You can
> >download tarballs from here:
> >
> it is great way. i a using 1.8.1 release hence will download that
> source and decompress it into: "/usr"  :-)

1.8.2 is the latest, but it might take some time until the source snapshot
will be updated.

> OK, i am using 1.8.1 release now but that "tar file" way is better than 
> "cvsup"

I disagree.  tar files do not get updated very often and they also contain
all data and not just the differences.  i suggest using rsync to sync the cvs
repo and then using cvs to check out the sources.


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