init dies with SIGABRT

Morgan Reed morgan.s.reed at
Sun May 20 07:39:02 PDT 2007

Just started going through my DragonFly embedded process again (I
didn't document it properly the first time around :( ).
I'm trying to get PXE booting to behave (it's a whole lot quicker for
development than having to rebuild and push a 512MB image across the
network to the target every time I change anything), currently I'm
exporting my target's root via NFS, it's grabbing pxeboot fine and
mounting the root filesystem but then init dies with signal 6, I've no
idea what's causing it (I probably forgot something along the way).
I've tested by exporting / and pointing the client to that and that
works so I figure it's got to be something missing from my target root
fs, either that or my world isn't quite right (rebuilt world with
Any help greatly appreciated.


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