structure has no member named `rt_nodes' (was: structure has no member named `kp_eproc')

Petr Janda elekktretterr at
Mon May 14 20:54:16 PDT 2007

Dionysus Blazakis wrote:
Hi Petr,

For the example you've given (Dragonfly section):

        long_return = proc_table[LowProcIndex].kp_eproc.e_uticks +
            proc_table[LowProcIndex].kp_eproc.e_sticks +

        long_return = proc_table[LowProcIndex].kp_lwp.kl_uticks +
            proc_table[LowProcIndex].kp_lwp.kl_sticks +
Check out
for any other conversions you might need to do.
It looks like corecode and tgen changed the proc stuff about 3 months 

-- Dion

Hi and thanks,
with your advise and following the file you gave me link to I was able 
to get the whole file to compile (had to be fixed on numerous occasions).

Now I am facing another problem in file route_write.c
The error is:
mibII/route_write.c: In function `addRoute':
mibII/route_write.c:122: error: structure has no member named `rt_nodes'
mibII/route_write.c:127: error: structure has no member named `rt_pad1'
mibII/route_write.c: In function `delRoute':
mibII/route_write.c:217: error: structure has no member named `rt_nodes'
mibII/route_write.c:222: error: structure has no member named `rt_pad1'
*** Error code 1
In the source code line 122 contains:

memcpy(&route.rt_dst, &dst, sizeof(struct sockaddr_in));

and line 127 contains:

route.rt_hash = iff;

which "links" to:

#define rt_dst rt_nodes->rn_key
#define rt_hash rt_pad1
How would this be fixed for DragonFly?


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