bcm sio on cbb (Re: cardbus/pccard patch)

Chris Turner c.turner at 199technologies.org
Sat Jun 23 19:22:12 PDT 2007

Chris Turner wrote:
> A 'clean' version of the sio(4) patch for the card is attached -
> It probed OK, and I was able to talk via cu(1), but there's some
> strangeness where after entering things like e.g. 'AT<ENTER>', most of
> the time I have to hit a second '<ENTER>' before I get the 'OK' back
> from the card, but somtimes it returns immediately.
> There's also the occasional:
>    sio4: 1 more silo overflow (total 1)

disabling the other sio? at isa... lines seems to help the 'enter'
problem. Still working on ppp, but *gasp* had the brilliant idea to
check against other os'es :) So I'll do that first ..

I think I was so excited it probed that I forgot to think :)

- Chris

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