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Joe Holden joe at
Fri Jun 15 11:51:41 PDT 2007

Matthew Dillon wrote:
> :Hi guys, me again!
> :
> :Is there currently a way to install over ssh, or a way of hacking the
> :installer to do so? I have sshd etc starting boot which is all fine,
> :however obviously the installer wants a real console.  Alternatively,
> :can someone point me towards a good guide for scripting it?
> :
> :Thanks,
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> :Joe Holden
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>     The installer has numerous installation mechanisms but ssh isn't one
>     of them.  I've never used anything but the console installer so I
>     just don't know how the other methods operate.
>     There is also rconfig, which basically allows you to script the
>     install.  The idea is that you maintain the rconfig script(s) on
>     a server and run rconfig in server mode on that machine.
>     On the client you boot with the ISO, login as root, configure your
>     network (e.g. by doing 'dhclient em0' or whatever), then run rconfig -a.
>     The client finds the rconfig server, downloads the script, and runs it.
>     I haven't done this in a while so this script may be out of date.
>     You'd have to experiment with it.  I suggest setting up rconfig and
>     playing around.  What I like about rconfig is that it is really easy
>     to test scripts... since you are booting from the CD, and the script
>     is stored on the server, you just rconfig -a, check the results, mess
>     around with the script on the server, and rconfig -a again until you
>     have it right.
Thanks Matt, this seems like the best option, as I can customise it for
my needs.

Joe Holden
T: (UK) 02071009593 (AU) 282442321
E: joe at

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