User-Land PPP vs. Free/Open

Chris Turner c.turner at
Sun Jun 24 15:21:47 PDT 2007

While trying to investigate the SIO/PPP problems,
I came across this:

Which seems to suggest that the DF implementation of user-PPP
is a bit behind w/r/t other OS'es.

That particular patch applied cleanly, appears to be in Free/Open,
and did absolutely nothing to fix my problem :)

I tried the kernel version, but it didn't work immediately and the
interactive mode of user-ppp seems a bit more 'debugging friendly'..

so anyway, I'll be setting up an OpenBSD box to troubleshoot /
diff the debug logs, etc.

But, it made me think -

if there is anything missing bug-wise in the ppp,
how would I go about submitting a patch ?

Thinking either:

  - diff with free and see what happens when I apply the patch (BAD!)
  - Manually merge changes against 2 known versions and submit the diff
    ( Better. Best? )

My other submits have been 'new code', so the 'synch procedure' hadn't
been an issue.. the 'Development' page on the wiki give kind of a
technical how-to, but not necessarily procedural..

Perhaps I should ask again, when I have a patch from another source,
but that's more than likely a matter of time .. :)

Also, anyone planning on a massive ppp synchup anytime soon ?

- Chris

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