Kernel modules: DF versus FBSD?

walt wa1ter at
Tue Jul 24 11:27:51 PDT 2007

walt wrote:
On Sat, 21 Jul 2007, Matthew Dillon wrote:

The kernel image loads normally.  If I type 'load green_saver' :the message
is: :'don't know how to load module /boot/kernel/green_saver.ko'

    It doesn't understand the file format.  I think FreeBSD changed
    the output format for the modules.
    If I look in /archive/FreeBSD-current/src/sys/boot/i386/loader/conf.c
    I notice that FreeBSD's boot loader now lists four file formats intstead
    of the two we have:
    extern struct file_format       i386_elf;		US
    extern struct file_format       amd64_elf;
    extern struct file_format       i386_elf;		THEM
    extern struct file_format       i386_elf_obj;
    extern struct file_format       amd64_elf;
    extern struct file_format       amd64_elf_obj;
    I suggest getting support for i386_elf_obj and amd64_elf_obj into
    our boot loader and seeing if that fixes the problem.
I finally got everything compiled (learned quite a bit doing it) but the
resulting loader still says 'don't know how to load...' for FBSD.
I'll keep looking at the loader code for other possibilities.  I notice
that many of the FBSD changes have to do with 'relocatable' kernel images.
Anyone know the motivation for these changes?

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