Kernel modules: DF versus FBSD?

walt wa1ter at
Thu Jul 19 21:06:52 PDT 2007

Matthew Dillon wrote:
. ..
:Well, recently FBSD made some kind of a change which stops
:our boot loader from loading their kernel modules -- I have
:no idea what causes the problem.  Anyone here know what the
:difference might be?

    I don't know, you need to experiment a bit.  See if you can ls
    the files from the boot loader prompt,
Yes, no problems.

see what error messages
    you get, if any, when you load them with the boot loader.
The kernel image loads normally.  If I type 'load green_saver'
the message is:
'don't know how to load module /boot/kernel/green_saver.ko'
I can then proceed to boot the kernel with no modules loaded.

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