CMake support for DragonFly BSD

Alexander Neundorf alex.neundorf at
Fri Jul 13 07:02:41 PDT 2007


the build system CMake (, which is used by several free 
software projects, e.g. KDE4, doesn't officially support DragonFly BSD, but 
we'd like to change this. AFAIK DragonFly is quite similar to FreeBSD. 
First question:
What does uname report ? DragonFly or dragonfly or does it depend on the 
version of DragonFly ?

If I add DragonFly support to CMake, it would be really good if somebody could 
test that it actually works. So is somebody interested in helping with this ? 
Ideally we'd like to have a Nightly build and test of CMake on DragonFly so 
we can ensure that it stays working.


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