error building gnash

walt wa1ter at
Fri Jan 19 14:07:00 PST 2007

Huub wrote:
>> In my experience the real error occurs before this message.  I suspect
>> if you look farther back in the compiler output you will find a clear
>> error message somewhere -- but you really need to look carefully.
>> I just tried to build gnash on my -CURRENT box and it failed while
>> building the boost-libs package, which is a prerequisite for gnash.
>> Did you manage to build boost-libs?
> Yes, boost built fine. 

What version of DFly are you using?

Aha!  Just above the "real command line" message is the real error:

>> MovieClipLoader.cpp:179:   instantiated from here
>> ../../server/as_environment.h:86: internal compiler error: in
>> sweep_string_variable, at cc_prep/protector.c:1159
>> Please submit a full bug report,
>> with preprocessed source if appropriate.
>> See <URL:> for instructions.
>> [] note: The real command line, after the pkgsrc wrapper, was:

I can't get past boost-libs, so I can't confirm the compiler error.  If
you try the build again from the beginning is the error exactly in the
same place every time?

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