live CD question

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Thu Jan 18 14:07:03 PST 2007

:Hi all,
:I am trying to build a custom Dragonfly live CD and have some
:questions. I am basically following the instructions for NetBSD posted
:>>Creating the directory tree
:Now create another directory with a custom directory tree with files
:needed to run NetBSD (/dev, /etc, /tmp, /var ).
:Creating the file system image
:>>Create file system image from your directory tree for the LiveCD.
:>>makefs -s ${FS_SIZE} -t ffs md.img ${IMG_DIR}

    Well, umm.  NetBSD and DragonFly are very different beasts.  I wouldn't
    try to use the NetBSD instructions to create a DragonFly live CD.

    The best way to create a DragonFly live CD is to run a DragonFly system
    and then do a release build on it.  'man release' on the DragonFly
    system will give you information on how to do the release build.

    Basically once you get used to the build infrastructure you just do a
    release build.  It is possible to augment the build as part of the
    build sequence, or you can add components to the built /usr/release/root
    infrastructure manually and re-run that last step to generate the

    We don't really support compressed filesystems.  There has never really
    been a need for it, especially not now that DvD's are in wide use.
    There is a gzipped-binary facility but it hasn't been used in a long


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