why null kernel module? why kernel listed in kldstat?

Sascha Wildner saw at online.de
Sat Jan 13 16:33:51 PST 2007

Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
It's a typo in the default loader.conf, I guess. I'll fix it along with some
other stuff.
I may misunderstand still...

I think the loader.conf is probably correct, but the kernel object should 
be called nullfs.ko?

As it is now, I am confused because I never heard of null(4) for /dev/null 
being a kernel module.

Anyone have a nullfs(4) manual page?
I think the convention here is that the information related to the 
msdos.ko, null.ko, ext2fs.ko, etc. modules is on the respective 
mount_<blah>(8) manpage, e.g. mount_null(8).



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