OpenLDAP problem

Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at
Mon Jan 8 22:43:07 PST 2007

Petr Janda wrote:
but when i try to bind:

porncatalog# ldapsearch -D "uid=dns,ou=daemons,dc=webgate,dc=net,dc=au" -W
Enter LDAP Password:
ldap_bind: Invalid credentials (49)
either you may have to set the password with ldappasswd or such so that you have it crypted, or maybe you have to pass -x?

aside from that, what are the credentials for the root dn of the server?  ldapsearch has to start somewhere I guess.  What about ldapsearch -b cn=somezone,ou=zones,dc=webgate,dc=net,dc=au ?

switching on debugging in the ldap server helps a lot.

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