Request for swapcontext and getcontext to be ported to our libc

Petr Janda elekktretterr at
Sat Jan 6 18:23:31 PST 2007

Matt Emmerton wrote:
Just letting you know that mtasker now compiles after
I assume the "mt" test program runs correctly?  I should output an
alternating stream of "a" or "b" characters.  You can terminate with ^C.
Yes, thats what is on the screen.
Though, wip/powerdns-recusor doesnt compile yet
(a new error), not mtasker related.
If someone could please take a look at it, I would be very happy.
I'm looking into it.  After the error you cite is fixed, there are many
more, and I will have to work with the pkgsrc and PowerDNS folks to get them
Matt Emmerton
You're the man! If you can do all that for me and youre still 
interested, in a couple of months id like to port NSS into DragonFly (of 
course thats a longer job, which means more money towards your way too)



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