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Tue Jan 2 13:09:10 PST 2007

On Tue, 02 Jan 2007 22:43:58 +0100
Huub <"v.niekerk at hccnet.nl"> wrote:

> > foo_load="YES" should go to /boot/loader.conf not to rc.conf. A good
> > advice would be to try to load the kld with kldload by hand and see
> > if it gets detected, but before loading the module please stop moused.
> > You can start it after loading the module and see if it's detected.
> > 
> I have several loader files in /boot, but no loader.conf. There's a 
> /boot/defaults/loader.conf. I suppose then that I should create a 
> /boot/loader.conf with e.g. snd_pcm_load="YES" in it?

Yeah, and also the via module.


is what I have (with an Intel onboard something.)

BTW, is there any good console music player that supports ReplayGain, Musepack, APE, FLAC and optionally WMA?

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