A question on enabling sound...

Huub v.niekerk at hccnet.nl
Tue Jan 2 12:17:32 PST 2007

That should be all you need to do, if that's your sound chipset and it's
supported.  Check /var/log/dmesg for error messages.
According to the mainboard data, the chip = VIA VT8235.
BIOS says: vendor=0x1106, dev=0x3059.
dmesg | grep 0x3059: pci0: <unknown card> (vendor=0x1106, dev=0x3059) at 
17.5 irq 11

I tried both snd_pcm_load and snd_via8233_load, and have no sound, so I 
guess DragonFly doesn't support this, whereas Linux and Solaris do (same 
computer, different harddisk). Any chance on support in next release?

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