Release Schedule for 1.8

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Tue Jan 2 10:25:19 PST 2007

    Well, my biggest issue for this release is that all the packages that 
    compiled and ran on 1.6 also compile and run now.  One thing I
    would like people with extra (test) machines to do is to do a clean
    install and then build their packages starting with a clean slate and
    see what problems pop up.

    People running HEAD can do the same thing without reinstalling by
    constructing a chroot environment, if you happen to have enough disk

    I'd also like to see that packet filter bug found and fixed.  I went
    through the code but I couldn't find a smoking gun.

    On the driver front, NATA is still considered experimental and will
    not be the default for this release, so it doesn't need any serious
    testing until after the release cycle.  I would like to make it the
    default for the 2.0 release 6 months from now.

    The network drivers all need testing.  Both wireless and hard
    wired adapteres.  Sepherosa has done a phenominal amount of work
    on the network front.

    GCC-4.1 is in the tree but it is not the default for this release
    and does not need to be tested.  We will probably make 4.1 or 4.2
    the default for the 2.0 release 6 months from now.  So just don't 
    worry about it for now.

    dhclient needs some testing, because none of the patches were being
    applied after we made the changes to the auto patch system months ago.
    I just fixed that a day or two ago.  It seems to work on my test box.


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