Release Schedule for 1.8

Karthik Subramanian karthik301176 at
Mon Jan 1 22:56:04 PST 2007

:About testing, i think that we should start looking to do automated
:regression testing of the system as much as we can. TET[1] looks like
:a very good solution and FreeBSD is probably going to use it[2], so we
:could get a lot of regression tests for free that apply to DragonFly.
    I dunno.  I'm always skeptical about such frameworks and wonder
    whether porting them actually saves us any time over building
    our own.  I do think testing will become a lot easier with the
    virtual kernel giving us a totally self contained environment for
    three files (kernel binary, memory image file, disk image file).
Just my 2 cents as a guy who wrote part of a test framework ages ago :)

I agree with Matt, rolling your own is the best way to go - simply
because it's very difficult to get hold of something that does
everything that you want, and does it well. Far better to write your
own test framework in Python or the like, and get away with it. It
doesn't take a long time, and it's worth the effort.
Is there someplace where there's a list of release-oriented code
bits/features, so that people can pick off stuff that they're
interested in testing? I'm moving to a different city/state in a week
or so, so i'm not sure if I can contribute to any testing right away -
but I'd like to take a look all the same.

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