... services specified in rc.conf not starting automatically ...

Joe joe at dubium.com
Sun Jan 7 11:19:34 PST 2007

Good morning,
I am really puzzled by this problem and any suggestions would be much

It seems that not all of the services I've set to be started, specified
in the /etc/rc.conf file, are started.  Even more puzzling (to  me) is
that the specific lines in rc.conf, like apache=YES, doesn't appear to be
evaluated in the startup sequence.  I've set rc_debug=YES and placed the
debug output at www.dubium.com/debug.boot.txt.

All the packages were installed from 2006Q3 pkgsrc and the startup script
was copied to the /etc/rc.d directory as part of the install.

DragonFly sigfried.dubium.com 1.7.0-DEVELOPMENT DragonFly
1.7.0-DEVELOPMENT #0: Tue Dec 26 18:27:53 PST 2006
joe at sigfried.dubium.com:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC  i386

Some services start fine:
    from /etc/rc.conf              from console.log
---------------------   -------------------------------------------------
tinydns_private=YES     Jan 7 09:26:20 sigfried kernel: Starting
tinydns=YES		Jan  7 09:26:20 sigfried kernel: Starting tinydns.
dnscache=YES		Jan  7 09:26:21 sigfried kernel: Starting dnscache.
rpcbind_enable="YES"	Jan  7 09:26:21 sigfried kernel: Starting rpcbind.

<snip ... no error messages ...>

openntpd=YES		Jan  7 09:26:22 sigfried kernel: Starting ntpd.
vsftpd=YES		Jan  7 09:26:23 sigfried kernel: Starting vsftpd.
spamd=YES		Jan  7 09:26:23 sigfried kernel: Starting spamd.

Services in the following list are not started automatically. The startup
script installed in /etc/rc.d and all can be successfully started
manually (e.g.  /etc/rc.d/apache start)


Also, the services which start and those which dont' are intermingled in
the rc.conf script.  It is n't the case that they all start to a point in
the script and then everything else fails.


- Joe

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