Wake on Lan Issues

Joseph Garcia bsd_usr at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 30 10:52:17 PDT 2007

Hmmm....I guess no one here uses the WOL utilities from pkgsrc? Bummer.

Joseph Garcia wrote:
Hello all!

I'm trying to use DragonFlyBSD to wake up other machines, but so far two 
of the utilities I tried from pkgsrc didn't work. I hate saying this, 
but they do wake up when I send the magic packet from a Windows machine 
using either AMD's magic_pkt program or this other program called mc-wol 
(or something like that - I had renamed it to wol).

Anyway, I tried net/wol and net/wakeup but neither worked. I was 
wondering if anyone can reproduce this behavior with machines on thier 
network. Those two programs compile fine, but they just don't seem to 
work for me.

On a bright note, I configured my DragonFlyBSD box to WOL. Yay! 
Although, I have to wake it from a Windows box for now until I can 
figure out what's up with WOL utilities on DragonFlyBSD.

Well, any help would be appreciated.



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