Kaffine player. Has anyone had any success?

Petr Janda elekktretterr at exemail.com.au
Thu Apr 19 03:03:22 PDT 2007

Petr Janda wrote:
Ben Jolitz wrote:
What is the output of kaffeine and xine (in verbose mode)?
What does a ktrace reveal?
-- Ben
I've installed this multimedia player (because its QT based and i 
like QT). When I try to play anything or configure the xine backend 
for it, I get: All audio drivers failed to initialize.

Can anyone with QT installed try kaffeine and tell me if this error 
is specific to my system (ie. somethings broken on my system) or do 
you get the same problem?


audio_oss_out: Opening audio device...
audio_oss_out: audio.device.oss_device_name = auto, probing devs
audio_oss_out: Auto probe for audio device failed
audio_arts_out: arts_init failed: can't connect to aRts soundserver
load_plugins: audio output auto-probing didn't find any usable audio 
Apparently, i need aRts, which I have disabled. Is there anyway not to 
use arts?


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