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Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at
Wed Apr 18 03:25:59 PDT 2007

Morgan Reed wrote:
Still working on the attempt at slimming DragonFly for embedded
systems, I've discovered that my previous issue was not missing
modules, as a matter of interest I dropped in all of the modules and
the image still fails to boot freezing at the same place as before,
I'm going to try dropping the GENERIC kernel + modules into the image
and check that that behaves.
when does it freeze?  after the copyright notice?

My question is this, is there a simple way to direct a kernel build to
install the kernel/modules to a specific directory a-la destdir when
building world? It would simplify matters considerably while I get my
kernel right.
use DESTDIR?  the makefiles also seem to use DESTKERNNAME and KMODDIR.

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