request for some useful packages in livecd

Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at
Thu Apr 12 06:11:10 PDT 2007

km b wrote:
the problem is that when the bge module is loaded it prints a bunch of
"fwohci0: xxx error message" . Consequently I can't understand what's
the connection between bge and firewire.
I have the same.  There is some decoding/initialization problem with a PCI bridge wich subsequently prevents the firewire driver to attach/probe correctly.

maybe you are right. maybe it's a matter of opinion. now with nic not
working and hence no internet connectivity there is no way i can get
vim+cscope working (gnu tools not available). i can eventually get it
working but the effort required will be considerable. it's just a
request. developers are to decide.
I think you can download the required binary packages from a mirror and copy them over with a USB stick.

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