vfwscanf() and friends

Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at fs.ei.tum.de
Wed Apr 11 03:39:40 PDT 2007

Hasso Tepper wrote:
Looking at headers it seems to me that libstdc++ assumes that if
vfwscanf() and friends are in libc, they are there unconditionally
which isn't the case - they are visible in /usr/include/wchar.h if
source defines _POSIX_C_SOURCE at least 200112 (C99).
I think we can declare them in any case.  After all, we're all moving to C99, right?

So, question - how to fix it and where? In libstdc++? But this will
still cause problems to anyone not using compiler provided by system.
In our /usr/include/wchar.h?
Where do other systems handle this?  Using a non-system compiler is not feasible to support anyways...  Anybody wanna add thread support to tinycc?

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