comparing cvsup vs. rsync

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Tue Apr 10 22:27:02 PDT 2007

:something is weird with the permissions:
:drwxrwxr-x        1024 2005/03/28 05:35:43 .
:-r--rw-r--       20313 2005/03/28 05:35:43 ChangeLog,v
:-r-xrwxr-x        3242 2005/03/28 05:35:43 compile,v
:why are they u-w but g+w?  my cvsup gets a little bit confused with that =
:and resets permissions back, so there is always a back-and-forth between =
:rsync and cvsup.  setting "preserved" and not "umask=3D002" hopefully fix=
:es that locally.
:  simon

    This is a bug in cvs's SGID handling on commits.  Access is by group and
    it doesn't pay much attention to the user, so sometimes the user gets
    out of whack.  Many, many cvs files will not have user-write perms
    but will have group-write perms because of this.

    In fact, the user will be whoever last committed the file, which is
    probably not what we want rsync to deliver.


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