comparing cvsup vs. rsync

Dmitri Nikulin dnikulin at
Tue Apr 10 08:59:33 PDT 2007

On 4/11/07, Matthew Dillon <dillon at> wrote:
    We could just distribute the CVS tree and write a front-end utility
    in csh or sh that we distribute along with the rest of the system
    to do the nitty gritty work of actually checking something out into
    /usr/src.  In fact, I think that would be preferable.
NetBSD is distributed on pure CVS, anything else is a convenience.
However, because CVS is so impressively bad for initial checkouts,
they recommend downloading the rather small source and pkgsrc
tarballs, and only using CVS for actual updates. This could work for
DragonFly too, with the added bonus of pre-distributed cvs dotfiles or
shell aliases. Maybe 'make update' (or whatever it is) could be wired
to work that way too.
This would of course be unecessary if the system could be binary
packaged and updated like Debian is. If that can be harmonised with
the "base system" nature of BSD and the flexibility of source
compilation, so much the better. I suppose that discussion has been up
in the air for ~ever and nobody's actually done it well.
    My only worry is figuring out how to run the rsync daemon safely.
    I'm a bit paranoid about running things on crater but I do agree
    that we would have to run the master rsync daemon there.

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