A great BSD-compatible UPS?

Jose timofonic soytimofonico at yahoo.es
Mon Apr 2 03:48:21 PDT 2007

Finally I was understand a bit the master/slave of
apcupsd after writing the email, but thanks for the
aclaration as I understand it better. 

I still have not clear if possible disconnect just
certain machines/devices (the non-critical ones, like
a secondary desktop, speakers, printer...) while the
critical ones the maximum available time andcertain
devices able to finish certain tasks (printing a
page...). Does each power connector can be
disconnected in an independant way or just certain
expensive models? Anyone knows if possible to use an
UPS as watchdog too?

It could be great if someone explains their personal
experiences (positives and negatives) with certain UPS
models. I don't want to have negative surprises when
adquiring a very expensive equipment like this.

Any unrecommended brand(s) for UPS systems? I heard
Belkin are quite bad, for example.

Probably most questions weren't replied because of
being wrongly explained and a lot at once, sorry. My
broken english helps a lot in this matter.

Thanks for all.

--- Matthew Dillon <dillon at apollo.backplane.com>
>     I don't know if the UPSes with USB ports are
> supported, but the ones
>     with serial ports are definitely supported.
>     apcupsd can be set up as a master/slave, where
> one machine communicates
>     with the physical UPS and is the master, and the
> other machines take
>     their shutdown queues from the first machine.
> 						-Matt

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