Need Reassurance for using DragonFly for Prodduction

Siju George at
Sat Apr 7 12:31:39 PDT 2007


I am Planning to migrate my Samba Domain Controller from FreeBSd 6.2
to NetBSD 3.1.
Now I am having thoughts about using DragonFly 1.4 as it is Stable.
Just Wondering For what all Production purposes people are using
DragonFly out there :-)
Any Body using it as a Samba Domain Controller?
DragonFly is not mentioned in the Platform Specific notes :-(
Does this mean that I can take the netBSD'd Latest Stable pkgsrc and
compile it successfully on DragonFly?
Geuss it does not work well yet on amd64 and I will have to find an
i368 machine.
Does it run quite Well on Intel's Core2Duo
Thankyou so much for the responses :-)

kind Regards


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