Any serious production servers yet?

Danial Thom danial_thom at
Wed May 31 12:08:22 PDT 2006

--- "Kevin L. Kane" <kevin.kane at xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> >     So, 2-3 years tops, and there won't be
> any more single-core offerings
> >     from AMD or Intel.  Probably not even for
> laptops.
> This is really already happening, ALL of
> Apple's new latops are dual
> core only and the only single core Intel based
> mac is the cheapest
> Mini.

Apple is not really a great example, as they
control the entire animal, and there's more
margin in the high end. 

Here's a question for Matt, will dual-core
designed chips (as opposed to chips with 2
independent cores on once chip) be used on an UP
OS as a single core? Say if I wanted to use a
dual-core chip on Freebsd 4.x in UP mode since
SMP sucks wind? Or do the cores designed as
dual-core with the shared caches require that
both be used?


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