Any serious production servers yet?

Danial Thom danial_thom at
Tue May 30 10:43:29 PDT 2006

--- Matthew Dillon <dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>     Well, keep in mind, that in 2-3 years time
> there won't *BE* any
>     single-cpu computers any more, at least not
> for consumer offerings.
>     both Intel's and AMD's entire manufacturing
> line is going to be
>     dual-core at a minimum, and higher-end
> products will be at 
>     least quad-core.
>     Even as we speak Intel has begun repricing
> its dual-core cpus to be
>     on par with their single-core cpus.  AMD
> has already dropped their
>     dual-core prices considerably, too.  The
> writing is on the wall.
> 						-Matt

I don't see that's a good reason to buy MP
processors NOW, or to use an operating system
that doesn't perform as well as a UP system NOW.
I'm aware of the trends, which is why I keep
asking about the progress. In the meantime what's
the point of spending a lot of money for hardware
that will be antiquated in 3 months, just to use
an OS that can't (yet) fully utilize the
available horsepower? Its all about bang for the
buck. People that run big honking MP systems at
5% utilization are just wasting either their
money or the money of their employers. The point
of MP is to get past the wall of UP. When that's
what the results are, then its time to start
using it. Until then its just a lot of hype.


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