/bin/sh compatibility issue

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Thu May 11 09:57:58 PDT 2006

:/bin/sh in FreeBSD-4.x has the same problem, but not in FreeBSD-5.x or later.
:The revisions 1.38,1.41 of eval.c fixes this behavior, but hasn't been MFC'ed
:to 4.x(therefore we don't have it either).  The commitlog recommends
:that it should be MFC'ed after longer than usual, but I think two and a half
:year is long enough :)
:Revisions 1.44-1.46 also seem to be -e related fixes.

    I'll place the burden of comitting that on your shoulder's :-). 

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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