atheros card and wpa_supplicant

Alex Burke alexjeffburke at
Mon May 8 13:42:47 PDT 2006

On 01/05/06, Sepherosa Ziehau <sepherosa at xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
BTW, which rate control algo are you using with ath(4)?


I had been using rate_amrr for all my first round of testing, but
since then have tried them all. While the broadcasting of the SSID on
the AP was on, i tried each rate algo and made it do an ifconfig ath0
up scan, and nothing. I was reading the FreeBSD manual page for
ifconfig also, and found the list ap command - not sure if that should
work on DFly, but since (I believe) the ifconfig was recently synced I
tried that also - to no avail.
It seems the issue I have here is that no matter which rate algo I
use, and no matter what encryption I have set the AP to use (or not as
the case may be) it just is not finding the AP at all, hence why it
cannot connect. I am still a bit suspicious about that ath0: device
timeout message that gets spewed after it says "Setting scan request:
5 sec 0 usec", but dont really know if that is related to my other
problems and/or how to go about finding the cause.
BTW, just to mention - I am using your third diff to the 802_11 stuff,
and the atheros code contained in the ath.tbz file. I tested the
module dependency fix btw, and if i kldunload ath_rate before if_ath,
it now stays in the kernel until i also unload if_ath.
If there is anything else you would like me to try, I will do my best
to help out.
Just one request, since people have said that the 802_11 code seems
solid and you will likely commit it....could you also possibly commit
(only if you deem it fit of course) the cardbus patch? It would really
help people with machines with those devices in the machine at boot
(and I guess also onboard).
Again, thank you for all your help, Alex J Burke.

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