install to external usb disk oops

Scott Ullrich geekgod at
Sat Mar 25 16:19:41 PST 2006

Bob Bagwill wrote:
I successfully installed 1.5 to an external USB disk drive but during 
the  "install boot block" phase, it overwrote the partition table and 
bootblock  of my internal disk.  I thought I was careful to select 
/dev/da0 not  /dev/ad0,
but who knows?  I recovered the partitions with gpart, but WinXP still  
doesn't boot successfully. :-(

If I'm feeling masochistic, I could try the install again, and see if 
the  bsdinstaller did it.
Please do if you get a chance.   If there is a bug in this area of BSD 
Installer we really need to fix it.



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