Joseph Garcia bsd_usr at
Tue Mar 14 12:08:04 PST 2006

Matthew Dillon wrote:
:It actually appears to be more of a four node blade enclosure rather  
:than an MP box.
:Jason Watson

    Yah.  Blades with MP cpus or multi-core capable cpus on them.  Just
    a blade server, then.   The difference between blade based clustering
    and the type of clustering that we want to do is that we want to be
    able to cluster efficiently over a LAN or WAN (i.e. not depend on an
    extremely high speed link between the nodes in the cluster).  That's
    what the cache coherency infrastructure is going to be all about.
					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Clustering over LAN or WAN is good, but aren't high speed links 'icing 
on the cake'? It's possible to be able to do either/or isn't it?


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