DragonFly MBR

Magnus Eriksson magetoo at fastmail.fm
Thu Mar 9 18:51:26 PST 2006

On Thu, 9 Mar 2006, Ben Cadieux wrote:

   Well ... if we/you want to Do It Right, the boot selector really should
ask the user what operating systems actually are installed.
Then the MBR would need to be reinstalled every time repartitioning
was done?  It would also need to be reinstalled from DFly then (or
wherever the apps are written to customize the mbr and rewrite it).
  Or whenever you want the descriptions to match what you really have on 
disk, not necessarily every time you modify a partition...

I haven't played around with Linux enough
yet - from what I gather it's non-standard and can't be booted from a
regular MBR.  Perhaps there's an install option on some to make it
follow standards, not sure.
  I think it works like everything else.  Of course, it was some time ago 
when I last played with it, and I've never had a Linux distro and a BSD 
install in parallel (that I can remember).  But it worked with OS/2's Boot 

Hmm.  I noticed that the man pages supposedly documenting the booting 
process aren't that well written (imho), maybe that's something I could 
look at.


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