DragonFly MBR

Adrian Michael Nida nida at musc.edu
Thu Mar 9 13:08:06 PST 2006

> At the moment it just shows fat/ntfs as being "Windows" - since
> there's likely very few people booting DOS on Fat in comparison.
> But I guess we'd need a vote on what file systems should say what :)

I would suggest that FAT come out saying "DOS/Win9x" and NTFS say "WinNT
+".  My reason for that is based on the fact that the old version of
Windows (3.x) booted to DOS first, and everything after NT defaulted to
NTFS.  The only one I'm not sure about is ME (the Mistake Edition), but
I wouldn't worry much about that.  In my opinion, if someone is still
running that on their machine it should be hidden as much as
possible :-)


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